Barbel 5: Crab and Anchovy boilies, chops, pop-ups, pellets, paste, groundbait, Gloop and liquid additives from the Hook Bait Company - superb specialist baits for barbel, chub, carp and specimen fish

The awesome Barbel 5 is back! Its been 6 years since we last produced this fantastic Crab & Anchovy  bait and its back with a vengeance. Barbel 5  is an instant attract bait that barbel readily accept as a food item and it caught many big barbel back in the day.

Due to the precise make up of the bait, a couple of ingredients proved difficult to source when our supplier stopped importing them 6 years ago, and reluctantly we had to stop producing the bait as it just was not the same. Thankfully after many years searching around for alternative ingredients, we are now 100% happy with the bait and so we are proud to be re-launching this very popular bait.

The bait has a very strong odour, similar to a bank tramp and will help to pull fish away from sanctuary spots to investigate the crustacean smell.
Without giving too much away the bait contains the following:
Pre-digested fishmeal, milk protein, yeast, anchovy extract, crab, & stimanol

Barbel 5  – Crab & Anchovy Products:

Boilies, Barrels & Chops
Base Mix (1kg base mix makes 1.4kg of boilies)
Hook Bait Extras (Pop-ups, Hard Hookers & Flakeys)
Groundbait/Stick Mix, Pellets & Paste
Liquids - A-tract (Pellet & Groundbait additive), Bait Soak (Bait glug), Gloop (Extra thick and sticky long lasting bait glug), Oil (Heavy density additive or soak for all baits)

Barbel 5 - specialist barbel fishing baits from the Hook Bait Company