The best of our range of baits for catching specimen carp. Including boilies, pastes, Gloops, liquids, groundbait and hookbait extras (such as pop-ups and hard hookers) from The Hook Bait Company flavours range.

Whilst all of our hookbaits and loosefeed will catch carp, some (such as Savay Maple Nut and Betaine Pro) have been specifically created to target big carp and others have proven themselves in testing and through anglers’ catches to be our best baits for carp. View some of the many carp captures on our baits here.

The best baits to catch specimen carp, from the Hook Bait Company. Best carp bait & boilies for carp fishing
Big carp like this LOVE our baits!

Carp fishing these days is big business and there is a mind-boggling range of boilies and cap baits on the market. On popular and pressured day ticket venues, offering carp a bait that’s a little bit different can give you an edge. Often the larger, warier fish will slip up to someone offering a bait which is distinctive from the mass-produced boilies and pellets everyone else is using. On all venues, but especially on low-stock, difficult waters, it’s vital to fish with a high quality, nutritionally balanced, highly palatable bait – which is why many serious carpers choose boilies and baits from the Hook Bait Company.

Whether you are looking for a good bait to catch your first carp, or you’re a seasoned specimen hunter looking for a serious edge to increase your carp PB, the following ranges of baits have proven our best baits for carp fishing:

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