Name: Martin Mumby

Age: 59

Hometown: Monmouth

Occupation: Mac operator, printing trade.

Website/Blog Address: Catch Cult Angling Magazine


Angling Questions

UK Specimen Fish of Note: 2 x 30lb river pike and a 30lb carp from ‘Heartbreak lake’!

Venues fished: Pit’s, ponds, lakes, lochs, canals, reservoirs and rivers. Not caught a carp from a loch yet!

Favourite venue: The River Wye, Scottish lochs and Heartbreak lake.

Favourite Methods: Float trotting for pike, legering for chub and barbel and sitting behind 3 rods for carp

Top fishing tip: Fish to the conditions, especially in the winter, to get the odds in your favour. Enjoy your fishing and have a sense of humour…it’s only fishing!

Highlight of angling career:   Catching a 30lb river pike. Meeting some wonderful people, including Eddie Price,  and going on to publish and design some great fishing books, including The Barbel Society book. Recently, introducing my grandchildren to the gentle art.

Tell Us A Little About Your Angling Life: Started as a kid with my Dad and uncle on the river Severn. Caught a 3lb tench when I was about 12 and this got me into trying to catch better than average fish….been failing at it ever since!

Future Aims & Goals in angling: To enjoy my fishing. To fish on my terms, with who, where, and when I want! To try and improve all my pb’s and encourage my grandchildren to love fishing and the natural world….which they do already. To work on more fishing books, so if there are any budding authors out there….

What is The Main Food You Eat When You Are On The Bank: Bacon or sausage sandwiches in the morning and either curry, pasta or my Saturday eve treat of fish and chips.

And Finally, 3 words to describe The Hook Bait Company: Quality, quality and quality.


Non-Angling Questions

Apart From Fishing What Are Your Other Favourite Sports Or Pastimes: Squash, racketball, rugby union, and used to play a lot of golf. Interested in wildlife, especially birds of prey.

Which Team Do You Support: England rugby team, European Ryder Cup team and Aston Villa.

Favourite Genre Of Music: Mainly rock and blues.

You 5 Favourite Bands: Pink Floyd, Led Zep, David Bowie, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Not a band but I think Count Arthur Strong is a comic genius, for crying out loud!

Do You Have Any Pets: 2 cats. Ziggy and Jeanie.

Favourite Food & Drink: Traditional stuff. Known as a total food ‘weirdo’ on the bank! Not into communal meals but will drink pretty much anything, especially real ale and red wine.


5.8 Stour chub1


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