Name: Lee Swords

Age: Physical age 44 (Mental age 14!)

Hometown: Sheffield

Occupation: Head Chef

Angling Questions

UK Specimen Fish of Note: Barbel to 14lb 1oz Chub to 6lb 12oz

Overseas Specimen Fish of Note:  A highly venomous fish in India that scared the locals to death… I think it was a relative of the toadfish.

Venues fished: Too many to list.

Favourite venue: Trent.

Favourite Methods: Carbology.

Top fishing tip: “Feed them and they will come!”

Highlight of angling career: Making the DVD Barbel Days and Ways part 1 with Bob Roberts and then the Tidal Trent DVD with Chris Ponsford also being a guest on Country file, writing a monthly column in the Angling Star for 5 years and having numerous articles published in national magazines such as Coarse Angling Today.

Tell Us A Little About Your Angling Life: I started young on a land drain in Lincolnshire and it will hopefully end very late somewhere like Thailand.

Future Aims & Goals in angling: Have a lot of fun, make a lot of friends, have an article published in a European magazine and catch a few bigger than average fish along the way.

What is The Main Food You Eat When You Are on the Bank: As little as possible I am paranoid about food poisoning… seriously! As little as possible… which can be a disappointment to those that fish with me!

And finally, 3 words to describe The Hook Bait Company: HIGH QUALITY GEAR!


Non-Angling Questions

Apart From Fishing What Are Your Other Favourite Sports Or Pastimes: Writing, War Games, and sending abusive e-mails to high profile politicians.

Which Team Do You Support: Sheffield Wednesday.

Favourite Genre of Music: 60’s-80’s

Your 5 Favourite Bands: James Brown, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Man2Man meets Man Parish and Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Do You Have Any Pets: A dog that is stupid and some fish that are geriatric.

Favourite Food & Drink: Big meats roasted rare on the bone and fine malt ales.


14lb 1oz
14lb 1oz
8lb 10oz
8lb 10oz
6lb 3oz
6lb 3oz








12lb 7oz
12lb 7oz

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