Catfish Pro boilies, chops, pop-ups, pellets, paste, groundbait, Gloop and liquid additives from the Hook Bait Company - superb specialist baits for specimen wels catfishNow for all you predator anglers out there who like to do battle with big cats, we introduce Catfish Pro – our best catfish bait.

BIG in size and BIG in flavour, these baits are the result of over a year trialing at home as well as overseas with some very impressive results. Big fish man Chris Quinn took these with him to Thailand and caught some absolutely monstrous catfish and carp, some of which have never been caught on boilies.

Available in two flavours: Crab & Anchovy and Salmon & Squid.

A large catfish caught in Thailand using Catfish Pro baits from the Hook Bait Company Specimen red tailed catfish caught on Catfish Pro in Thailand Chris Quinn with a huge siamese carp caught on Catfish Pro from the Hook Bait Company

Catfish Pro Products:

Boilies, Barrels & Chops
Base Mix (1kg base mix makes 1.4kg of boilies)
Hook Bait Extras (Pop-ups & Hard Hookers)
Hook Bait Extras (Flakeys)
Groundbait /Stick Mix, Pellets & Paste
Liquids - A-tract (Pellet & Groundbait additive), Bait Soak (Bait glug), Gloop (Extra thick and sticky long lasting bait glug) Oil (Heavy density additive or soak for all baits)

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