The best of our range of baits for catching specimen chub. Including boilies, pastes, Gloops, liquids, groundbait and hookbait extras (such as pop-ups and hard hookers) from The Hook Bait Company flavours range.

Whilst all of our hookbaits and loosefeed will catch chub, some have been specifically created to target big chub whilst others have proven themselves in testing and through anglers’ catches to be our best baits for chub. View some of the many chub captures on our baits here.

The best baits to catch specimen chub, from the Hook Bait Company. Best chub bait, including The Big Cheese paste, Flakey, River Secret boilies and more
Specimen chub like this LOVE our baits!

The Hook Bait Company began by developing River Secret to target chub and we’ve used our knowledge and experience in the years since to create and develop new flavours and recipes which chub will readily eat year-round. Our The Big Cheese Flakey and paste was a revelation for chub anglers – a cheese paste as easy to make as pastry-based mixes, but with a great number of advantages.

Many flavours and baits in our range have accounted for chub over 7lb and we remain the go-to brand for chub anglers looking for quality specialist chub baits.

Whether you are looking for a good bait to catch your first chub, or you’re a seasoned specimen hunter looking for a serious edge to increase your chub PB, the following ranges of baits have proven our best baits for chub fishing:

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