Justin McCann is a carp catching machine who seems to catch wherever he fishes; with some notable captures too. Recently Justin returned from a week long session on the Mainline-run Dream Lakes 2 in France, where during the week he shared in a haul of 49 carp to 48lb, using our 3-B boilies with matching 3-B groundbait. A very notable achievement for a lake that is run and fed by Mainline!

Justin is very much ‘Old School’ when it comes to carp fishing but with a modern take on bait which again, make him a valuable asset to our team.

Age: 41

Occupation:  engineer

Angling Questions

Lakes: Farlows ( where I learnt my trade over a 5 year period), Horton Church Lakes, Savay, Car Park, North Lake, Match Lake, Mets Lake, Nutty Lane (rock hard, 1 full season for 1 bite!) St. George’s, my current 1 for this season but I can’t divulge.

Species of fish: Not many I’m afraid as I’ve been carp fishing for nearly 30 years but Mirror 48lb 12oz, common 41lb 6oz, Tench 9lb 4oz, Perch 2lb 8oz. I’m trying to stay away from the carp now to learn about river fishing but will still keep my hand from time to time for HBC purposes.

Top tips: Don’t be afraid to do your own thing, learn as much as you can about the water & fish you’re targeting

3 words about HBC: Meticulous, dependable, inspired.

Food on the bank: Hotdog & peanut butter sarnies!

Memorable fish: As a carp angler I done the double – a brace of forties in the same session (mirror & common)

Remember there is no such thing as a wonder or miracle bait that will instantly catch you massive fish, as some other companies would have you believe, but a good bait which The Hookbait Company pride itself on making after years of testing & tweaking to get it perfect, in the hands of a competent angler DOES give them a definite edge! Just look at the fish which have been caught using the wide range available as well as bespoke bait (my choice) from The Hook Bait Company.


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