Name: Jon Preen

Age: 46

Hometown: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Occupation: Administration for the Football Association

Website/Blog Address: On The Bank & In The Stands & Yorkshire Specimen Group


Angling Questions

UK Specimen Fish of Note: 28lb 10oz Pike, 16lb 2oz Barbel, 6lb 14oz Chub, 2lb 1oz Roach

Venues fished: River Trent, Yorkshire rivers, Local canals & Still waters.

Favourite venue: River Trent

Favourite Methods: Stick float & all forms of feeder fishing.

Top fishing tip: Always listen when it comes to fishing as you never stop learning no matter how knowledgeable you are.

Highlight of angling career: Various match results in my early days, a 2lb 1oz roach as a teenager, my first double figure barbel & having bait ideas i come up with brought to life by The Hook Bait Company.

Tell Us A Little About Your Angling Life: I’ve been fishing for 39 years, since i was 7. I grew up fishing the Trent as well as local still waters and canals. As a teenager I worked in the tackle trade which helped me blossom and learn more than I could dream of as I was working for, and fishing with, some of the cream of the match fishing scene of the day. Working in the trade also really brought out my interest in bait additives as it was around this time that the carp scene really exploded and there were so many flavours coming out and I was always experimenting. A few years ago i decided to swap the Milo box and Pole for a bivvy and a couple of Barbel rods and I haven’t looked back since.

Future Aims & Goals in angling: To enjoy my fishing and pass on knowledge i have picked up over the years to youngsters, after all they are the lifeblood of our sport.

What is The Main Food You Eat When You Are On The Bank: Chilli and rice or Gammon and ‘tatties.

And Finally, 3 words to describe The Hook Bait Company: Quality, productive & innovating.


Non-Angling Questions

Apart From Fishing What Are Your Other Favourite Sports Or Pastimes: Football, Cricket & F1

Which Team Do You Support: Doncaster Rovers

Favourite Genre Of Music: Anything alternative, I’ve been a Goth, punk, hippy and rocker at various points in my life.

Your 5 Favourite Bands: Pink Floyd, The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim, New Model Army, The Cult

Do You Have Any Pets: No

Favourite Food & Drink: Sunday roast with lamb and mint sauce with an ice cold pint of real ale.

28lb 8oz
28lb 8oz

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