lg3Name: Lewis Gaukrodger

Age: 23

Hometown: Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Occupation: Product Designer.

Website/Blog Address: Rod Tips Pointing Skywards


Angling Questions

UK Specimen Fish of Note: Pike 28lb 13oz, Barbel 14lb 14oz, Chub 5lb 8oz, Perch 2lb 9oz, Carp- (River) 15lb 8oz.

Venues fished: Too many to list but mainly around Lincolnshire.

Favourite venue: Any venue with an ‘unknown’ factor.

Favourite Methods: Legered dead bait for pike in the winter months and free-lining for chub in summer.

Top fishing tip: If you’re not confident in your approach change it.

Highlight of angling career: Seeing my first magazine article published in Pike and Predators.

Tell Us A Little About Your Angling Life: I was taught to fish on a small Yorkshire river by my dad from the age of 4, mainly targeting roach and perch. From a young age I never really wanted to catch lots of fish I always wanted to target the biggest and this has now progressed into my specimen fishing today. Through the summer months my attention turns to chub and rudd, though come October I begin targeting pike from a number of waters. Towards the back end of the river season I normally get drawn away from the drop off indicators and my attention turns towards barbel from the Tidal Trent.

Future Aims & Goals in angling: Simply to continue enjoying my fishing and time spent on the bank, whether its a blank or a red letter day.

What is The Main Food You Eat When You Are On The Bank: I have to admit that my staple diet when on the bank is pot noodles, quick simple, no mess and 3 different flavours providing breakfast, lunch and tea!

And Finally, 3 words to describe The Hook Bait Company: Innovative bait ideas.


Non-Angling Questions

Apart From Fishing What Are Your Other Favourite Sports Or Pastimes: Cricket.

Which Team Do You Support: Cricket wise I am Yorkshire through and through (not a massive football fan).

Favourite Genre Of Music: Indie/Rock.

Your 5 Favourite Bands: Arctic Monkey, Foo Fighters, Bastille, Coldplay, Kasabian.

Do You Have Any Pets: I have a working springer spaniel called Elsie.

Favourite Food & Drink: I am a big fan of game so it would have to be Partridge in a berry sauce with stodgy mash and a real ale.

The Hook Bait Company field tester Lewis Gaukrodger with a specimen mirror carp


Lewis Gaukrodger with a good chub

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