Natural Crave boilies, chops, pop-ups, pellets, paste, groundbait, Gloop and liquid additives from the Hook Bait Company - superb specialist baits for barbel, chub, carp and specimen fish

A very dark and rich bodied mix which contains a multitude of natural food items including snails, shrimps, daphnia and krill – blended with fish and marine meal and top quality milk derivatives making this mix truly natural.

For flavour we thought long and hard and, after trials we came up with a blend of anchovy and real worm extract along with a liquid fish protein that just smells superb.

We highly recommend this bait for use on pressured waters but especially if you are targeting barbel or chub.

Natural Crave Products:

Boilies, Barrels & Chops
Base Mix (1kg base mix makes 1.4kg of boilies)
Hook Bait Extras (Pop-ups, Hard Hookers & Flakeys)
Groundbait /Stick Mix, Pellets & Paste
Liquids - A-tract (Pellet & Groundbait additive), Bait Soak (Bait glug), Gloop (Extra thick and sticky long lasting bait glug) Oil (Heavy density additive or soak for all baits)