Pop-Up Flakey - buoyant steamed bait designed to imitate breadflake but to be much more resilient. Can be used legering or on a zig rig, and also as a surface fishing bait

A true HBC original! Original Flakey was designed for the sole purpose of giving Darren confidence in knowing that his bread flake bait would not be nibbled away by minnows whilst trying to catch chub.

Available exclusively from The Hook Bait Company, Flakey cleverly combines the looks and appeal of breadflake with the resilience and robustness of a boilie. At last you can trot a piece of flake or fish it on the bottom without fear of the bait being nibbled away by nuisance fish! You can fish-on knowing that your bait will be there even if you miss a tentative bite, no more reeling in to attach a fresh piece of flake!

Made from our Milk Pro HNV boilie mix, each piece is individually crafted by hand to give it the flake look. The baits are then steamed so that the flavour is locked in and the Flakey is very durable. You can change the size of the Flakey by nipping off pieces with your finger nails which also lets out more of the flavour.

Available in either standard Cheese & Garlic or any of our flavour range, these individually crafted pieces of flake are steamed to lock in the flavour, for optimum attraction. Supplied in a handy re-sealable pot, The baits are shelf life too!

The bait is pliable enough to mount directly on the hook but each piece is pre-drilled for mounting on a hair. As the baits are steamed rather than boiled, the flavour and attractor levels are much higher making them ideal for attracting chub for example when trotting. You can nip off pieces to change the shape of the flake and let out a bit more flavour. Tremendous for tempting the chub in the harshest of conditions in conjunction with our ‘The Big Cheese’ Gloop.

As with our Original Flakey, we also offer a pop-up version as well. As with all our baits, the pop-up flakey is available in all of our flavours in a mix of colours to suit all possible light conditions. The pop-up flakey can be used in a multitude of angling conditions, be it popped up a few inches from the bottom or fished as a unique bait for zig-rigging or surface floater fishing. The fish will certainly not be used to seeing bread flake in the middle of the lake, and this could well be the edge you have been looking for.

Remember, only The Hook Bait Company Flakey is THE ORIGINAL Flakey! Accept no imitations.

Pop-Up Flakey

Pop-Up Flakey (Breadflake)