The Big Cheese range - cheese paste base mix specially designed for catching specimen chub. Also availiable as paste, chops, Flakey, Pop-up Flakey and GloopCheese paste is widely recognised as one of the fundamental baits for catching chub in the colder months. Grated cheddar and blue cheese are the preferred cheese and are often bound together with the inclusion of pastry. The downside to using pastry is that the fat content causes the cheese paste to become firmer in cold water making ‘striking through’ the paste on a bite, a bit hit and miss.

The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is a soluble milk protein base that has been formulated to enhance the pulling power of the cheese itself, without the need for adding pastry. The Big Cheese is supplied with our own The Big Cheese flavour which you add to the base mix and grated cheese to give it a supple texture that stays soft even in the coldest conditions. Buy The Big Cheese range below.

Check out our video below with Christian Barker’s demonstrating the process of mixing the perfect mix.

New Additions to our The Big Cheese range for your convenience is our ready made paste, 12mm chops (available in 250ml pots and 1kg bags) and The Big Cheese Flakey to go along with our old faithful The Big Cheese and Garlic Original Flakey in both bottom bait and pop up .

The Big Cheese range from the Hook Bait Company - deadly bait for specimen chub


Make cheese paste for specimen chub bait - The Big Cheese - first-class cheese paste


The Big Cheese = BIG chub


Chub bait - The Big Cheese Flakey from the Hook Bait Company

Still available in the range is our ‘The Big Cheese Gloop‘. The Gloop is flouro yellow in colour and the perfect accompaniment for both our new The Big Cheese Flakey as well as our original The Big Cheese with Garlic Flakey. It has proved to also be a great success in testing when used with our new The Big Cheese chops, giving these superb baits an even better edge.

The Big Cheese Gloop - high-attraction thick liquid hook bait dip & enhancer

The Big Cheese – Complete Range