Gloop from the Hook Bait Company - thick flavoured hookbait dip

A really thick bait dip that sticks to the hookbait far longer then a standard glug and slowly releases its flavours and appetitite stimulators to attract fish to your hook bait. Great for smearing on pva bags and modern rig materials to absorb the flavour.

To further enhance your chances of attracting fish, we recommend you crumb a few boilies or add small feed pellets to coat the Glooped hookbait for even more effective pulling power.

Gloop comes in all our flavours as well as ‘The Big Cheese‘ and can also be purchased raw for you to add your own flavour and colour combinations.



Gloop - thick, sticky, attractive hook bait dip for specimen fishing - enhance your bait for carp, barbel, chub, tench, bream and other big fish