New Improved Spicy Fish Pro – Bait Sorted!!

The Hook Bait Company field tester Lewis Gaukrodger with a barbel

The Tidal Trent Addiction

Grazy Roberts with a June 16th River Dove barbel

Grazy’s Glorious 16th

Mixing The Big Cheese paste with Christian Barker - specimen chub fishing bait tutorial

The Cheese Paste Revolution

Bream On Betaine Pro

Wye? The Hook Bait Company Go Barbeling

By Andrew Poole With: Darren McCann, Iain Nairn, Terry Theobald, Paul Martin, Justin McCann, Rich Frampton, John Monaghan, Mark Dutton, Barry Fisher, Jose Baxter On 19th July 2013 at around 8.30am in the Pengraig café (along the A40 towards Monmouth) in Herefordshire was the meeting point and the start of a long weekend fishing on […]